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Edison Freshwater Pearl Strand

Edison Freshwater Pearl Strand

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Large 13-15mm Round Edison Freshwater Pearl Strand - 45 cm, with Sterling Silver Lock in Fitting.  These pearls are natural and therefore not perfectly round and all slightly different, they have a beautiful lustre and look stunning on.

Edison Pearls – What Are They?


A brother / sister team, from the Zhan family, which has over 40 years’ experience in pearl farming, are the brainchild behind these pearls. After much research, they cultivated a new species of giant freshwater pearls, with high lustre, beautiful colours and Salt Water Pearl quality, but at a far lower price.


Edison cultured pearls are nucleated with a bead, the same as for South Sea saltwater pearls.   Traditionally Freshwater Pearls can have up to 30 or more pearls per mussel, nucleated via tissue.


Only one pearl is cultured in each mussel, allowing for a much larger sized pearl to grow inside the shell. They have a bright luster and come in vivid colors such as white, peach, pink, gold, metallic, plum, and purple. Traditional Freshwater Pearls rarely grow to the size and quality of the Edison Pearl. Named after inventor Thomas Edison, who is quoted as saying “The two things I have been unable to create in my laboratory are Diamonds and Pearls”



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